Let her have more than one guy at a time?

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Posted by Arabella Blaze

We’re not talking about boyfriends, either.

We’re talking sex partners in one encounter. The “gangbang”.

It sounds kinky and dirty, but if you think about it… if she’s already getting sex from more than one partner… there’s not much difference.

Watch her with one guy or watch her with three. Is there really a difference?

You could argue that watching her in a threesome with two guys is better than one-on-one sex with one guy.

She’s not so likely to develop feelings if it’s all about raw fucking.

You do have to worry about finding safe guys. It can be hard enough to find one, let alone two or three guys who can perform in group sex.

But if you’re going to watch her… it’s super-kinky to watch her with two or more guys. The more the merrier.

Let them have their way with her and use her as a personal sex-toy.

When she comes home used by two or three (or more) guys, her cuckold will know she’s been taken and thoroughly used for the pleasure of other men.

Too much? For some, no doubt of that. The act of hotwifing is already enough of a sin to accept.

For others, though, there’s nothing hotter than watching her service multiple men.

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