Look at the passion she has with him

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Posted by Arabella Blaze

Some couples into cuckolding don’t want the husband to watch.

It makes her feel weird. Maybe the other guy isn’t into performing.

But when he gets to watch? It can be intense.

The gold standard for a man with a cuck fetish is watching porn… except it’s happening in front of him.

And his wife is the porn star.

Watching her fuck is key to that, natch.

But there’s all the lead up to the PIV intercourse, too.

Watching them make out.

Watching as he strips her out of her clothes.

(Maybe helping her get naked.)

Watching him play with her and her servicing him.

All the things she’ll do for him, and let him do for her, that hubby never gets to do.

It’s like mainlining crack cocaine.

It’s also the ultimate tease for cuck hubby. He gets to see what he can’t have.

Which is why he wants it so badly.

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