Making a new housewife into a curious hotwife

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Posted by Arabella Blaze

She grew up religious. She couldn’t even dream of a non-monogamous marriage.

Then her husband brought it up to her a month before their wedding.

She wouldn’t hear a word of it, not at first.

Marriage, but they sleep with other people?

No, he told her. He wouldn’t be with another woman. He didn’t want that.

He wanted her to sleep with other men. He planned to be the loyal, faithful and sexually monogamous husband.

Ridiculous. No man would want that. He must be lying. What was he up to?

The more she thought about it, the more she realized it wasn’t too good to be true. Even though the deal was to her full advantage.

She can sleep with any guy she wants? And he’s going to be her committed husband at home? Even get off on her sluttiness?

She still couldn’t believe it. Then she found his porn stash that day. Then they watched porn together.

It was always cuckold porn. Hotwife porn. Porn where men watched their wives and girlfriends sexually ravaged and pleasured by highly skilled and well endowed porn stars.

She had to admit it to herself. It was hot. It was sexual.

She knew it was a performance… but the way those women enjoyed themselves, the attention their husbands gave them…

They haven’t done it yet. Not yet.

But she’d be lying if she said she was against the idea.

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