Married couples have fantastic sex when hotwives stray

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Of course she’s turned on by other guys. That’s only natural.

Women look as much as men do. They just aren’t as shameless about it.

You’d like her to do more than look, wouldn’t you?

You want to see that look on her face. You want her to be a filthy girl, don’t you?

It’s hot when she flirts. It’s sexy when she gets turned on after another guy hits on her out in public.

Sex gets better for the two of you when she’s free to explore, doesn’t it?

You’d like it if she did more than flirt.

You want to get a text message from her at midnight telling you she’ll be back in the morning.

You’re imagining that dress she had on in a pile on the floor. Right next to her lace panties.

You like to imagine her coming home to you. Hopping in bed after spending the night as another man’s pleasure toy.

You’re kinky AF. Both of you… and you wouldn’t have it any other way.

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