My husband wants you to get me off

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Posted by Arabella Blaze

They say that giving is its own reward.

She’s giving her body to a guy.

Her husband wants it and encourages her to do it.

The guy… well, he gets sex with no strings.

Everybody wins!

We don’t usually have many of these “dream situations” in our real life.

But cuckolding, it’s like a dream situation all the time.

She’s free to explore sex with other men.

He gets off on it.

And the lucky bull gets to have sex with women, without being obliged to do all “that boyfriend stuff”.

There’s something erotic about the sexually available woman. It tingles the male brain and excites the female body. When she knows what she wants and willingly gives herself to a man who isn’t her husband, everybody can get off.

But especially her.

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