My wife said she’d never have sex with another man (but I know she wants to)

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Posted by Arabella Blaze

“You really want me to do that?”

Most of my male readers have heard that or some version of it.

Women in committed relationships who think of themselves as “good girls” often can’t believe that the love of their life sees her as a personal porn star.

That’s why you get that “no way” look from her. The one that says, forget it, mister. There’s no way I’m doing that.

Here’s the thing about that. Men don’t understand that women are far more socially-attuned creatures than they are. She picks up on details about status and interpersonal relationships that fly right over the heads of most men.

Which is the main reason she’s so skeptical.

Men think it’s all about who she will or won’t fuck. That’s only the beginning of it.

Her mind is on all the things that have to happen if she does do it.

And since she doesn’t feel that way about you — many active hotwives are extremely possessive and jealous about their husbands — the “wife sharing” fantasy comes off as suspicious.

What’s this bastard really up to? — That’s what she’s thinking. You can’t really mean that you want her to have sexual relations with other men.

Unless you’re slow and careful in how you bring this up, you’re going to put her on the defensive.

The thing is… a whole lot of women, including your wife or girlfriend… probably would fuck another man if there were no social consequences.

Even today with our liberal attitudes about sex, kinky sex with multiple partners is still frowned upon. Even if you both want it and do it for your mutual enjoyment.

She’s extremely aware of that, men. If things go badly, she’s risking her reputation, her body, and possibly even her safety.

Then there’s the fact that she loves you, she doesn’t want to hurt you, or put your relationship at risk by complicating it with other people.

All valid concerns on her part.

It’s about sex, but it’s never just about sex.

This is why she might get into it when she’s horny and you’re playing with her pussy… only to cool off after you cum.

It’s hot… but it’s not realistic.

There might be a man in her life right now that she wants to fuck… that she’s fantasized about fucking… but she can’t see herself really doing it.

The more you understand this, the better your results…

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