My wife’s discovered a new kind of fitness at the gym

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Posted by Arabella Blaze

At first she was excited to join the gym. She wanted to keep her body in top condition.

Pretty soon, she found another reason to go.

Me, I love the way my wife looks in her workout gear.

“I don’t know who started the trend of skin-tight spandex workout gear, but I owe them a beer,” I told her one morning.

She had on revealing white top that was more like a sports bra, showing off her midsection, and a light blue pair of lycra pants that made her ass look like it was carved from marble.

It was all I could do to keep my hands off her right then.

“You have to wait til later,” she told me, slapping a grabby hand away.

“If I wait some other guy’s going to fuck you first. Damn, just look at you.”

She bent over to tie her shoes and the shape of her ass gave me an instant hard-on.

“You’d like that, wouldn’t you?” There’s a mischievous gleam in her eye as she says it.

She knows about my fantasy.

I know that she loves the attention she gets from guys at the gym, too. She’s told me more than once about all the guys she catches checking her out.

All innocent, she says. She wouldn’t tell me if she was being bad, right?

“I would like it a lot.”

She presses her body against mine, holding me against the wall.

“Dirty boy. I’m going to bring that young guy home and make you wait out in the car while he has his way with me.”


She kisses me, nibbling my lip.

“You’ll have to wait and find out won’t you?”

She grabs her keys and looks back over her shoulder before she walks out the door.

“By the way babe… I’m not wearing any panties. Bye!”

Then she’s gone. She’s barely in the car before I’ve got my hand on myself.

Life’s good when you’ve got a slutty wife…

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