No baby I think your fantasy is sexy

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Posted by Arabella Blaze

If you’re new to the world of hotwife & cuckold fantasies, you’ve got to deal with the insecurities.

When men discover that they want their ladies to have sex with other men, that’s a tough conversation to have.

From the male POV, you don’t know how she’s going to take it.

Even if you know her well, she might throw your expectations. You might suspect she’s down for it, only to discover she’s cold to the idea. You might think she’s a sweet, innocent, prudish little thing, only to find out that she’s lusting like a dog in heat at the opportunity to get sex outside your bedroom.

What he’s wanting to hear is a “yes” with just enough enthusiasm.

If she’s totally cold, she’s put ice water on a molten-hot sexual desire of his. A partner that completely shuts down your sexuality or doesn’t believe it’s important is someone you might not have a long future with.

If she’s too into the idea, that could hurt. What else has she been thinking about? Is she already getting dick on the side and you had no idea?

What he wants to hear is just enough interest in the idea to keep the fire going, without being so into it that he starts to doubt her fidelity.

Like I tell you all the time — hotwife & cuckold play is something you do together.

If she’s actually having an affair, that’s not cuckolding, that’s cheating.

The kind of wife our readers dream about has a sexual identity of her own. She enjoys sex and loves to experience it. She’s open to new things, but she also has standards for herself. She loves dick, but prefers to stick with her man even if he may not be the most satisfying in bed.

She wouldn’t cheat on you… but given the opportunity to fuck a man that stimulates her mind and arouses her body, and knowing that he would find his own pleasure in that, she’d happily do it.

The sexiest thing is when she finds his fantasy sexy.

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