Sex is supposed to be fun and cuckolding doubles your pleasure

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Posted by Arabella Blaze

Remember when sex was fun and exciting?

Don’t confuse fun with enjoyable.

Unless you’ve got a real problem, in mind or body, sex is almost always enjoyable.

But is it really fun?

After being together as a couple for awhile, it probably isn’t. You do it, but it’s going through the motions, isn’t it?

We know that monogamy kills female sex drive.

We know that men are always primed to look for sexually available women.

His cuckold fetish might even result from “hacking” that wiring. When his wife’s showing off her sexual availability, it gets him all hot and bothered.

Not only is she available, she’s desirable. He gets off on the attention his woman gets. It’s a status thing.

And that makes it fun all over again, doesn’t it?

The temptation. The taboo of letting another guy fuck your woman. The thrill of experiencing a new man when you’ve only been with your husband for years (or… ever!)

Getting into hotwifing and cuckolding is like resetting your sex drive. You get to enjoy the thrill of discreet sex, breaking all the rules, and having fun with it.

Your sexual organs aren’t just there to wither up. Use them, share them, bring pleasure to yourself and your new “playmates”.

Sex isn’t supposed to be boring. Have fun with it. Enjoy your naughty parts… even if you get them dirty.

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