Sharing your wife is art

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Wife sharing is an art form.

You aren’t sharing your wife because you want to be humiliated.

You’re sharing her because you want to watch her.

You want to watch her pleased. You want to watch her pleasing.

You appreciate her enjoyment and her skill in the arts of sex.

Few things are more exciting than knowing your wife is enjoyable to other men.

That she delights, enchants, and brings them pleasure.

You know all of that is yours. The sex is just sex. She’s coming home with you.

We know that some men get off on their own bruised egos. They want to be treated like dirt and they’re attracted to women who do it for them.

There’s an edge to that, like bitter coffee. When she takes charge and punishes you. Denies you her body and even your own orgasm.

It always comes back to the art, though. The art of the well-placed symmetry of feminine curves.

The delectable sins of extra-marital bliss transformed into an object of pleasure.

When she cheats for your pleasure, it’s art.

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