She banned him from PIV but they still fool around

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Posted by Arabella Blaze

Spooning in bed. She’s half naked in bra and panties. He’s got his pants on.

She made him stay clothed from the waist down.

He’s not getting any tonight. Or any time soon.

It’s not her period. She’s got a date in a couple of days… so he’s banned from her pussy.

She can feel his steel-hard prick pressing against her ass. He’s grinding slowly. She can almost smell his lust for her.

She lets him grab her tits. She even lets his hand slide under her panties, down to the warm wet spot between her legs.

“I want to be inside you,” he whispers into her ear.

She smiles her most mischievous smirk.

Poor hubby.

“You have to wait. It’s his pussy until next week.”

He grinds a little harder, a little faster.

“You can have a handjob if you want. Finish in a tissue. I don’t want a mess on my ass.”

“Okay.” Right now he’d say anything to get off.

She reaches around behind her and grabs his throbbing dick.

He won’t last long.

She can hear his breathing, faster. He’s close already.

“You like my hand better than fucking me don’t you?

“You want him to fuck me better than you can, don’t you?”

He grunts. “Fuck.”

She feels him tense. His cock erupts, shooting wave after wave into the tissue in his hand.

“Wow, that was a big one. You’re going to be aching by the time you’re allowed back inside me.”

He moves closer to her, pressing against her, content in post-orgasm bliss. For now.

“I love you,” he says. “Fuck, I love it how you tease me.”

“I love you too,” she says back.

She loves teasing him too. The dirty sex with the college athlete 8 years younger than her is a nice bonus, too.

She won’t complain.

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