She didn’t want to do it… at first

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Posted by Arabella Blaze

She’s a good girl. She didn’t want to fool around outside your relationship.

Most women don’t, you know.

Affairs happen, happen a lot. We know.

But when she’s in love and when she respects you, they probably won’t.

She doesn’t WANT to cheat. Not even when YOU want her to do it

It starts out with a tease. An off-hand comment. A “Why don’t you fuck him then? I’d watch.”

He can’t be serious, she thinks.

But he is serious. The more he teases, the more attention he gives to this little fire inside, the more it grows.

Cuckolding can consume a man if he’s not careful. Stags can get so insistent on “sharing” that he can hardly get it up without fantasizing about her getting ravaged by three men.

It is possible to convince her, though. Some women are ready from go… sex isn’t that big a deal to them.

Others already took the plunge with an affair. If she’s already fucking another guy, might as well make the most of it, yeah? Even though the violation of trust means you probably won’t get far.

The best case, though… the case that most cucks and stags dream about… is that sweet, innocent, kind of shy girl that you’d NEVER expect.

The one that turned out to be a raging sex-fiend under the sheets.

Turning her from a quiet good-girl into a cock-thirsty slut can feel like a win for both of you.

Corrupting that sweet spirit into a debauched porn-star.

You need a little hesitation. She can’t be all in, or you don’t get the excitement of turning her to the dark side.

When she doesn’t want to do it at first, you’re in the best situation, cuck. You want a woman that needs a little convincing.

If you want her to do it, your best move is to her get convinced.

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