She had an idea to role play your hotwife fantasy

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Posted by Arabella Blaze

“I’ll get dressed up for a girl’s night out. But then the car will break down and I’ll be stranded.”

She’s wearing that tight party dress that makes her ass look so great.

“While I’m stuck on the side of the road, helpless, you’ll come by in your truck and save me.”

“But I can’t pay the bill. I’ll have to pay it another way.”

You liked her idea. You weren’t sure you really-really wanted her to make a cuckold out of you. But playing with the fantasy was like taking Viagra.

So you agreed you’d role play it.

What you didn’t know was how real it was about to get.

How could you know that your local car guy would be out on a call that evening?

How could you know that he’d stop to help out a helpless woman in a sexy outfit?

You can’t blame your wife. She’s playing your game. This was all your idea.

It’s not your fault that your local car guy happens to be an attractive young guy that all the women in town drool over.

And he’s alone with your wife on the side of the road.

Your role play is about to turn real.

Can you handle that?

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