She likes dressing up for her bulls more than her husband

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Posted by Arabella Blaze

When’s the last time you saw her in sexy lingerie, anyway? Your wedding night?

With the excitement of sex with a new guy, she’s showing off for her bull like she never would for you.

But that’s no problem, is it cuck?

It makes your dick hard knowing that she’s showing off all the goods to another guy while you sit at home jerking off.

You love seeing her body… knowing that somebody else gets to enjoy it.

That’s your aphrodisiac, isn’t it?

Maybe if you’re lucky, she’ll let you have a peek after she gets home.

You can see what he got to enjoy.

If you’re really good, you might get a handjob while she tells you how he pleased her.

Her pussy belongs to him, just like her new lingerie.

You know that story shouldn’t turn you on, but you can’t help yourself, can you?

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