She likes to “model” for extra money on the side

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Posted by Arabella Blaze

“It’s just a modeling job,” she tells you.

“You don’t have to be jealous baby.”

She’s wearing her sexiest lingerie… the stuff she hardly ever wears for you.

“The photographer gets to see more in two hours than I got all year,” you tell her.

“You like that anyway, you dirty boy,” she says.

You know it’s true. And ever since you told her about your fantasy, she knows, too.

Then she gets this modeling job.

She swears it’s innocent. In the days of Pornhub and OnlyFans, how innocent can it be?

Ever since she got the job, you’ve been torn between jealousy, knowing another man is going to see her barely dressed…

And the insatiable desires of your cuckold fantasy. Part of you hopes that it’s a secret casting couch audition.

You badly want her to fuck another guy. It’s even better if it’s an “accident”… and what’s a better setup than having her half-naked with a man in a studio?

You get hard just thinking about.

“Nothing’s going to happen babe. It’s only tasteful nudes.”

“It’s okay if you do more,” you tell her. Your heart flutters as the words come out.

She gives you that look. You know the one.

Her hand reaches between your legs, gripping your throbbing erection.

“Oh yeah? You’d like it if I did that wouldn’t you?”

You swallow, gulp, and nod. That’s all you can do.

Then she’s out the door with her gym bag a “bye!” and a wave.

And you’ve got the rest of the afternoon to wonder what’s really going to happen…

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