She looks good in that lingerie you bought her for their date

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Posted by Arabella Blaze

She got herself in top condition for your fantasy

She was nervous about her appearance but that work at the gym has paid off big-time.

She’s got a body to kill for and she’s ready to show it off.

Damn she looks good in those black lace panties.

It’s only flirting at first.

A few drinks, some laughs, a little eye contact, biting her lip as she stares at him, his hand on her thigh right below that short skirt…

Then you’re in the hotel room.

Then they’re on the bed while you sit at the table.

Now it’s real, isn’t it?

Now they’re touching like teenagers sneaking off for a hookup.

Now she’s half naked and he’s having his way with your wife.

She looks good, doesn’t she?

It’s everything you wanted to see, isn’t it?

That lovely body that was yours until tonight.

That pussy that used to belong to your cock. He’s borrowing it for awhile. Maybe he’ll give it back.

You didn’t talk about this nearly enough. Everything changes once he’s inside her.

But you love it, don’t you?

Can’t take your eyes off it. Your dick’s throbbing thinking about it, isn’t it?

Talking is for tomorrow. Right now you’re watching your gorgeous wife take another man inside her and get fucked like you haven’t fucked her in years.

It was worth it for that lingerie set.

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