She loves to be shown off

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Posted by Arabella Blaze

That body of hers. Damn.

You love to see it.

She loves to show it off.

Your wife is a total babe and other guys want to fuck her.

Most men would get jealous.

You? You love it.

Both of you.

You’ve turned it into a game, even.

You get hard watching your confident, sexy wife pick up men… and more.

She loves the attention she gets. The thrill of it makes her wet… and when she’s wet, she’s ready to play.

Neither of you mind. You have the best sex of your marriage by letting her act like a slutty college girl.

You shouldn’t like it, right?

But who cares what you’re supposed to do. This is way too much fun.

Let her show off that body. It’s playtime.

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