She never makes that face with you

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Posted by Arabella Blaze

Look at her face. She’s radiating with ecstasy. From his dick.

You never made her cum like that.

She was nice about it. It’s okay baby, it’s hard to get me off, she’d tell you.

That was fine those first few “honeymoon” years.

After awhile, you got suspicious.

She didn’t like sex as much as she used to. She began to avoid physical intimacy.

One year, two years, without climaxing during sex, that’s okay.

By the seven year mark, you knew she was over it.

If she didn’t cum, you may as well call it finished.

But you can’t do it, not with that pinky-finger you call a cock.

It was only natural that you set her up with a stud boasting a 9″ throbber.

She doesn’t enjoy sex? Not with you.

With him…

Just look at her face.

You might even get to fuck her now that she’s getting satisfied. One of these days.

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