She’s covering your trip at sea

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Posted by Arabella Blaze

Your girlfriend has a kinky exhibitionist streak and it got you a free trip on the captain’s boat.

You love having a sexual woman in your life. But you knew the price of that once you figured out that her clothes came flying off at any opportunity.

Not that it’s all bad.

Her athletic body could bring out the lust in an elderly priest.

She was like a hit of heroin for a salty dog like this ship’s captain and his first mate.

And she loves to tease you. She knows the power she has over men. You’ve been together for several years now, long enough to know each other outside and in.

She’s trained you to get off on her slutty side, hasn’t she?

That’s why you’re not surprised to find her “working out” in barely nothing.

That’s why you’re getting hard down there even though your mind’s feeling jealous and a little angry.

It’s just sex, she reminds you. At least you’re not with one of those prudes dwho never wants it, she says. You know she’s right.

If she’s got it, may as well share it. It’s not like she doesn’t take care of you, right?

Ever since you found out about “hotwife fantasies” on the internet, you’ve been intrigued and turned on, haven’t you?

You’ve seen how the sailors, all of them young men in good shape, are eyeing her up.

She’s noticed it too.

You remember when this would have bothered you. Now it’s turning on the both of you.

You’re a dirty couple… and you wouldn’t have it any other way.

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