She’s getting ready to go have sex (not with you)

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She looks so sexy in that outfit.

She even lets you have a little peek at the goods.

Just a tease. The goods aren’t yours tonight.

She’s getting ready for her “date”.

Date. That’s just a nice word for sex. Hot, passionate, orgasmic fucking.

With a guy she’s just met off Tinder.

Look at your wife’s body. She’s gorgeous, isn’t she. Enough to get your dick twitching as you see her, bent over, showing off that beautiful ass of hers.

Knowing that she’s about to give it up to another guy gets you all worked up, doesn’t it?

You know it’s wrong. Dirty. But you can’t control what arouses you.

You’ll get your turn when she gets home. It’s not that kind of arrangement where she makes you go without.

She showed you pics of the guy’s penis. He’s pretty big. She’s going to be stretched good when she gets back into your bed.

Sloppy seconds always feel better, don’t they?

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