She’s wearing that in his hotel room

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Posted by Arabella Blaze

Letting your hotwife spend the night in another man’s hotel room takes guts.

Look at it objectively. That’s your wife! She’s sleeping over in another man’s room.

That’s every man’s worst fear. And you’re getting off on it!

What makes this horror so erotic?

What makes men willingly give into their deepest source of fear, angst, and cold terror?

Sex is the most intimate act that you can experience and you’ve both agreed that she’s going to share it with someone else.

Because it’s fucking hot.

You both get off on it. She loves the thrill of a new guy… being the center of attention… and knowing that she’s pleasing her man at the same time.

For him? It’s like watching a horror movie.

Adrenaline blends with the fear and the angst and turns the nightmare into a joyride. Blend it together with intense sexual arousal and you’ve got a recipe for an experience like none other.

The villain steals your special lady and has his way with her.

It’s as terrifying as it is exhilarating.

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