She’s working late tonight

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Posted by Arabella Blaze

Your pretty young wife works as the personal assistant to the partner at a prestigious firm downtown.

Your friends in the scene told you it was for the best if you didn’t get involved with people in your private life.

Especially not your wife’s co-workers.

The boss is the last person that she should think about hooking up with on the side.

You both knew that. You both agreed. Even though she found him exciting and mysterious. Even though she broke the ice one night during foreplay and you couldn’t stop thinking about her with him ever since.

It was going to happen no matter what you said.

You aren’t surprised that night when she rings you from work, already an hour late, to let you know she’s going to be a little longer.

We’re finishing up that big project, she tells you. The one we talked about.

It’s urgent, and we couldn’t put it off for not even one more day.

Does she sound out of breath?

Was that a moan?

No, no, honey, we’re just exhausted. From all the work.

She promises to tell you all about it when she gets home.

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