Show her off in sexy clothes, or keep your hotwifing low key?

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Posted by Arabella Blaze

For some couples, the fun is showing her off.

Getting dressed up like a slut, heading out to a singles bar, watching from a corner booth while she sits up at the bar and lets guys buy her drinks.

But what happens when you need to keep it all quiet?

If she’s working in a job where reputation matters, she’s probably not trying to be out around town in a skin-tight low-cut dress picking up guys at your local watering hole.

Even if you aren’t so worried about that, everybody in this lifestyle is a looking after their privacy. It’s still not a mainstream “sexual hobby” to sleep with other guys with your husband’s blessing.

You know that old saying, don’t crap where you eat.

The good news is that you don’t have to worry about the singles bar these days. With dating apps and hookup sites, it’s a lot easier to stay discreet.

For most couples, the fantasy of the one-night-stand hookup with a guy you meet at a club probably isn’t the best idea. Hot and spontaneous it might be, but you don’t know that guy, where he’s been, or whether he’s got a police record.

What you can do is show her off online. Blur out faces and any identifying marks and tats and you’re good to go.

Get as raunchy as you want and you can experience that thrill of candaulism for yourself, without wondering if your high school teacher or Sunday-school preacher is going to find you out.

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