So if you win, I have to have sex with him?

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Posted by Arabella Blaze

That’s not how bets usually go!

He’s supposed to keep her pussy for himself if he wins.

But maybe you’re into a different kind of pleasure?

Maybe you like it when guys flirt with her.

Maybe you’re “into that”.

And maybe… when the dare came up… you liked the thought of letting her experience another man.

You wanted it to happen.

Usually you’d have to lose the bet to lose your girl’s pussy. But not today!

You don’t want to send the signal that you’re a loser, do you?

You don’t want your fantasy to mark you out as second-best.

No way. Sharing her is an expression of your love and commitment… and, yeah, it’s fucking sexy AF too.

Look at her, and imagine watching her in action.

Better than the real thing, isn’t it?

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