So you’re into that kind of thing?

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Posted by Arabella Blaze

When you have “the conversation”, she might be surprised.

If you’ve never talked to her about cuckolding before, it can be hard to digest that first time.

She doesn’t understand the way you get turned on by her body. Thinking about her “perform”.

Even though it’s perfectly rational in your mind, she’s got good reason for suspicion.

Guys aren’t supposed to want what you’re asking for. She certainly doesn’t want to share you. She can’t get into your mental space.

But you might be lucky enough to have an open-minded lady in your life. She might be shocked, but she might be curious, too.

After all, a cuckolding relationship really is to her advantage. She gets to have sex with anyone she wants, and she’s got you, her loving man, at home with a stiffy.

If she’s curious, cuck, water that flower. That means patient and caring encouragement… NOT needy whining or pushiness. Definitely not blackmail or coercion. (If she’s a sub, you’re already having a different conversation.)

The best case scenario? You bring it up and she’s curious enough to play along…

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