The excitement’s the best part of cuckolding & hotwifing

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Posted by Arabella Blaze

That’s a controversial statement to some in the hotwife/cuckold lifestyle.

For a lot of men the experience of sharing his wife is about suffering. He’s powerless. He gets off on the humiliation of a wife who cheats on him without a care for his desires.

The excitement of sex itself is low on the list. The carnal act is only a means to the end.

But a lot of men aren’t into cuckolding fantasies for that angle.

What he wants is to see is steamy passionate sex, starring the woman he loves.

He wants to see his wife aroused by a new guy. He wants to watch him strip her out of her clothes. Pull her panties down over raised hips. Enter her for the first time with an unfamiliar erection.

Even if he’s not there watching, he wants to be involved in the sexual act. That might only mean getting some pics and short videos after the fact.

There’s a big difference between the thrill of forbidden sex and the desire for emasculating submission.

If you don’t get that right, you’re asking for trouble in a situation that’s already delicate. Cucks, and their wives, have to understand that going in.

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