The latina with the thicc ass got turned into a hotwife in front of her husband

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Warning: 18+ only. Very sexy NSFW content!

An old friend of mine wrote in to tell me about this story. I don’t know if it’s true or not. You make your own decision. – Larry

Ana Maria didn’t used to be a slut did she? You had to make her that way, didn’t you, cuck?

With a body like that you didn’t have a choice, did you? With a body like that she deserves to be fucked good. You deserve to watch a body like that, don’t you cucky?

Here’s how it went down:

The latina with the thicc ass got turned into a hotwife in front of her husband 1

She’s got this ex-boyfriend that we ran into the other day.

That wasn’t the guy though. It was a friend of the ex. She told me that he had his eye on her for a long time. They maybe fooled around once while they were drunk at a party, and it caused some friction with her ex.

Maybe. She didn’t own up to anything. She “might have” sucked his cock once at a party. That’s as far as it went.

I’m hearing all this after the fact, right?

After we were down at Carino’s for a couple of drinks. She sees this guy, I’ve never met him before, but she says she knew him from way back. Nothing much happened, they talked for a second, played friendly, that was it.

I knew it was weird when we were on the way back.

You know Ana Maria. That caramel skin and jet-black hair, the beautiful brown eyes, high cheekbones. A little on the curvy side but she holds it well in her thicc ass, that wasp waist, and the D-cup titties.

You believe that this girl comes off as shy and even conservative out in public? Like she’s a good girl? After the stories she’s told me after a few drinks?

It doesn’t take but two glasses of red wine to prove she’s a freak in the sack.

I don’t think she’s cheated on me but I don’t bet it would take much for it to happen.

For real, she has a down-low exhibitionist streak and she loves to fuck in public places where there’s a good chance of getting caught.

There was that time at the beach a couple years back. We’re on the first floor, right there on the main walkway, anybody can walk by, and there she is in bra and panties asking me to bend her over against the window.

What do you mean? Hell yes I hit it.

Okay, here’s the thing, yes, I told her. I mean, yes, I get turned on when I think about her with another guy.

Look at that body and tell me you don’t. Tell me you aren’t looking at that body and imagining what it looks like without clothes, with those legs up by her head, getting pounded out by a big dick.

Yes, I told her about that. She won’t go along with it unless she’s had a few glasses of wine.

I tell you, two glasses of wine is like a perfect aphrodisiac. She gets that glassy-eyed look and you know she’s down for almost anything.

That one night, she’s teasing me about all the kinky shit she wants to do in front of me. She’s talking about watching and jerking my dick while she gets down.

Then it happens we run into this guy, the guy she “might” have given a massive BJ while she was with her ex.

She says she never fucked him. She still won’t straight up admit to the BJ but it’s an unsaid thing that she did it.

Whatever, it’s fine, we weren’t virgins when we met, these things happen. Okay, yes, it’s fucking sexy, so what I want her to do it again.

One time she tried to pull that humiliation thing. Isn’t your dick so tiny? I can’t even feel your dick in me, you little-dicked pendejo.

That’s kinda fun. A little goes a long way. It’s not really my thing, man. I want my girl to get laid good and hard, that’s it. That’s all there is to it. She wants to tell me I’ve got a little pecker that doesn’t satisfy, that’s okay with me as long as we’re getting down to action.

She’s good about this. Ana Maria is a sweet sexy girl who likes to fuck, and yes after two glasses of wine the panties will hardly stay on her. That’s fine by me. Better than a shriveled up prude who lets you knock the dust off her pussy once a year on your birthday.

It makes you wonder though, the small dick stuff. She’s teasing, you know? I mean, she’s teasing, but you wonder.

You wonder a lot when she tells you about this BJ that didn’t happen and mentions that this guy’s dick was a monster. Talking a 9-inch caliber dick cocked and loaded to go right up in your girl’s pussy.

Hell yes it is embarrassing. This guy’s going to fuck your tight latina pussy and he’s probably going to cum inside her since she won’t care about a damn condom after two glasses of wine. And dammit you want that anyway.

She says she doesn’t care about this guy that she didn’t fuck and definitely didn’t give a BJ. She’d never think of talking about some other guy with a big dick, not while she’s dating me. Suck another man’s cock while we’re planning to get married next year? Never!

But I mean, since I brought it up and all, and if it’s okay and all, I mean, if this is the type of kinky swinger shit we’re going to do in our relationship, well…

Then totally by chance we meet this guy at the bar. The friend of the ex, the guy who is about 6’3 and built, the guy’s like a goddamn tank, no wonder she wants to fuck him.

After I’ve had a few glasses of scotch I want him to fuck her too.

He came to our table first, and we all said hello. He gives me a basic nod out of respect then he’s back to enchanting my sexy latina wife to be.

I let it happen, it’s all good. Have you seen how she looks in that cocktail dress she has on? Fuck. She’s over at his table now, facing half away from me. All I can see is that ass of hers, that hourglass of hers behind that tight green dress she’s got on. She’s moving her hands, she’s laughing, they’re having fun, she’s getting wet and turned on. That’s her third glass of wine.

She’s going to fuck him tonight. I’m okay with that.

Cut to hotel room.

Green dress and black heels on the floor. Black lace panties and matching bra nearby. No sign of a condom wrapper within 1000 feet.

Close up on the bed.

That curly-haired triangle, those tan lines shaped like that thong she wears out at the pool. The curve of her thighs. That giant dark-skinned cock she’s got in her hand only inches away from her spicy taco.

“Do you want me to use a condom baby?” she asked me that one night while we were talking about it. Of course not. What’s the fun in that? If she’s going to fuck him and it’s fantasy land, then let the guy enjoy that pussy. Let him fill up that pussy. Order her to pull her panties back up and bring that used-up pussy home to me for examination.

She’s on her back and I’m examining my girl’s used pussy. He must have left a gallon of semen in there. Another man’s sperm is inside my girlfriend’s pussy, working in vain to fertilize her womb.

Snap back to reality.

She’s over at his table, they’re talking. My dick’s hard. She’ll come back in a few minutes and we’ll go home and if I’m lucky she’ll give this little dick a handjob before we pass out. I want to eat her pussy and pretend she just got fucked. Maybe one day soon it won’t be pretending.

I don’t know if this is a true story or not, but here at WHTC we know a lot of dudes with stacked wives, like Ana Maria, who have insatiable appetites for sex. They don’t care how she’s getting dick as long as she’s getting it.

Cuckolds and stag husbands don’t mind sharing their beautiful hotwives. Many of then enjoy it more than having straight-up PIV sex with her.

It’s different, it’s still weird to most people, but if you’re in our world, you know that there is nothing else as intense and sexual.

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