Waking up next to her waking up to him

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You got a hotel room for your play-time date.

You didn’t want any of the neighbors talking.

It was for the best. That date wasn’t a wham-and-bam.

He wanted to stay the night.

She didn’t want him to leave after the way he made her feel.

After that adventure, you all fall asleep in the bed.

Not that your wife sleeps that much, not with this energetic young stallion wrapped around her.

That’s okay. That’s what you came for, right?

To watch her cum.

You got your wish.

She looks lovely, doesn’t she? Your bride, getting fucked hard by a guy five years younger and packing twice your size.

Do you think she’ll let you have a turn now that he’s gone?

Do you think she’ll feel you?

You’re playing with fire… and it’s got both of you turned on more than anything you’ve ever done.

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