Watching a hotwife’s seduction is almost better than the sex

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Posted by Arabella Blaze

You aren’t really in it for the PIV act of penetration, are you?

Face it. If you wanted that, you could get it in a thousand places.

You’re interested in the sex because it’s happening to HER.

Which is what makes hotwifing different from watching porn. It’s not even about the sex, not really.

Sure, the sex is the main event. This wouldn’t be so arousing… or potentially painful… if another man wasn’t going inside a “taken” woman.

But you’re really interested in everything that leads up to it. That’s where all the tension and excitement happens.

Watching a hotwife fall under the spell of her new lover.

That part can be as emotional and exhilarating as the act itself.

A smart couple will draw out this phase. Rushing into copulation can be exciting in its own way, but don’t underestimate what you can get from winding up the tension.

One of the main reasons cucks get into this fantasy is because of a cheating partner. They know, or suspect, she’s getting it on the side and transform it into a sexual fantasy.

Believing that she’s unfaithful can be more powerful than going through with it.

A hotwife who wants to please her cuckold husband can use that to her advantage. Lead him to believe you’re out “getting some” when you go out for drinks with your girlfriends after work. Even if you aren’t, he doesn’t have to know that.

For you husbands that are unsure, this can be a powerful strategy to enjoy your fantasy without the risk of letting her really get naked with another guy.

Yeah, we know it’s exciting, but when another dude goes inside her, you’re both asking for all kinds of risk.

I’m not trying to warn you off here. If you know what you’re getting into, have fun! If she cheated on you and you want to work on a cuckold relationship, you have my blessing.

For the rest of you, remember this: the seduction of your hotwife is almost always more fun than the fuck (even if the fuck doesn’t happen).

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