What if your hotwife prefers sex with her bulls?

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Posted by Arabella Blaze

That new guy really pleases her in all the right spots.

Sex with hubby never was so good.

So what happens when hubby isn’t good enough and a hotwife wants it from somebody else from now on?

If your cuck is permanently made pussy free, you’ve probably ruined the relationship.

You might not want to hear that… but a male-female couple that live together and don’t fuck are roommates.

You’re a couple because you share that kind of penis-in-vagina intimacy.

Yes, there are couples out there who are cuckold-celibate. There are older couples who rarely or never get it on anymore.

Exceptions are exceptions and generalizations are general.

That’s not to say you can’t play around with bull exclusivity.

Many men find pussy denial a succulent treat.

Tell him that you’re not letting him inside you for one month… or three months. Tell him that your lover wants your pussy exclusively.

This can work as long as you keep cucky in the loop. Take good care of him with dirty texts, dirty pics, dirty videos, and dirty talk while you jerk him off after your dates. If you’re playing safely raw with your bull, show him the creampie in your pussy while you do that.

But make sure that once the pussy ban is up, you let him back inside you.

Even if you don’t like it… even if the bull is a much better fuck.

You’ve got to reconnect. Even if you don’t like it, as a hotwife, he needs it. Male sexuality doesn’t work like female libido. If he’s not going inside you at all, you’re not his wife.

That’s true even for the extreme cucks that say otherwise.

But that’s not so hard to do, is it? Make it a rare treat to go inside you. Remind him how special it is. If you really want to rub it in, make him do it after you’ve “well used” by your lover.

You can get really creative about angst and denial while not totally cutting him off from the pussy. If you want to be a real couple, you’ll have to get used to that idea… no matter how great your bull feels.

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