What will your wife do with her boyfriend that she won’t do for you?

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Posted by Arabella Blaze

Marriage is supposed to be about sexual monogamy.

You commit to each other emotionally, romantically, as a couple

Does that mean you have to keep sex in your own bedroom?

Not if you’re into cuckolding and hotwifing.

Leaving her free to explore her sex life on the dating market raises the stakes for these kinky couples.

Many cucks, subs, and stag husbands find their thrill from the emotional angst of sharing her body.

It’s as titillating as a live porn film when another man has PIV sex with your committed wife.

And it’s also a heavy mixture of fear, jealousy, and maybe even anger.

That’s the emotional cocktail that pushes him on.

Many men find that the sex by itself isn’t even what they want. They’re into a dirtier game.

They want her to screw with his head as well as his… you know.

One way to do that?

Do things with your bull that you won’t do with him.

Let your bull cum inside your married pussy — and tell your cuckolded hubby that he’s got to use a condom.

Maybe he has to “earn” his right for PIV intercourse with you, while your bull gets to fuck whenever he wants.

Do you never go down on hubby? Make sure your bull gets a BJ at every opportunity.

Whatever’s off limits for your cuck is on the table for your bull.

And make sure that your husband knows this. Tell him in detail how your bull filled you up with his sperm… and make hubby jerk off into a tissue.

That’s what he wants… so give it to him good and hard!

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