What’s stopping your hotwife/cuckold experience

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Posted by Arabella Blaze

If we’re being honest, there’s a good chance your wife or girlfriend would be down for a hotwife experience.

She’s thinking dirty thoughts and dreaming of dirty desires. Just have a look around at the Slutty Confessions section over on reddit if you want first-hand proof.

A lot of men, usually men who don’t have any kind of cuck or hotwife leanings, learn this the hard way when she cheats on him.

If cheating’s going to happen, it’s way better if that happens with both of you consenting and happily getting off on it.

What stops the fantasy from coming to life isn’t lack of sex drive or faithfulness to your monogamous relationship. That may be true for some couples but the statistics on affairs tell a different story about most marriages.

What stops it from happening is negative emotions.

He’s not sure about his jealousy. She’s worrying about the risk of pulling it off.

Shame, fear, and guilt can work for us, but often they leave us afraid to speak up. If you’re scared of being honest, you won’t talk about what you want. You might feel resentment.

But when your fantasy really happens, and you both want it, and it works for you, what made that happen was getting past the negative emotions.

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