When a housewife wanted to be a hotwife

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Posted by Arabella Blaze

If you were impolite about it, you’d call her an aging beauty desperate to hang on to her youth.

If you wanted to be damn rude, you’d call her a slut.

Her husband has heard both of them. Hell, he’s thought both of them.

His only response? A pulsing erection.

Brown bobbed hair to her shoulders. Shapely body of a former athlete with a few extra pounds and the curves to match. Even in jeans and a t-shirt she’s enchanting. He’s seen how even the young guys eye up his “MILF”.

In his world there is no beauty like his aging, former prom-queen, loyal housewife beauty.

Especially when she turns into a total slut for men.

Like any married couple who started early, they had a few years of newlywed bliss. Then the kids. The jobs. The “honey do” weekend list.

Sex became a memory. Worse, a chore.

You know the story.

One day, she was tempted. A stranger. A number scribbled on a piece of paper.

She was tempted, but her conscience wouldn’t let her.

She admitted everything to her husband.

And he admitted his own secret desire.

“You should call him. If you want.”

Scandalous! Never! I couldn’t. I’m not that kind of girl. What would the neighbors and the ladies at church think?

“We haven’t had sex in three months. You don’t even enjoy it with me anymore. Go get laid,” he tells her.

She protests. It can’t be right. He reassures her. And he’s right. She does want it. She just can’t let herself believe HE wants it.

One day, one bored afternoon after a glass of wine and the kids away, she sends the text.

Their date is Friday night. Her husband offers to drive and pick her up.

Her heart pounds. She’s nervous. Giddy, that’s the word. Her heart flutters for this new man like she’s a school girl on her first date.

In a way, that’s not far from the truth.

Her husband might be more excited than she is. They’ve been touchy-feely lovey-dovey all week. Grabbing ass and stealing kisses. Talking about what she’s going to wear.

What they’re going to do.

No sex. That was one condition. She had to save it for her date. Hubby gets seconds after she gets home. If he’s good.

The crazy thing?

If you asked this happy couple, they’d tell you that they got more sexual enjoyment out of that week than any time since they were first dating.

Later, after, they’d realize a shocking truth. By cuckolding him, they reset their own sexual thermostat.

Knocked themselves back into “first love” tingles.

And all it took was sex with another guy.

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