When his wife brought up cuckolding to him

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Posted by Arabella Blaze

Women usually aren’t the ones bringing up cuckolding to their husbands.

The wives who want to be hotwives by their own volition are few and far between.

Part of that comes down to the sexual dynamics between men and women. Women are “supposed” to be the loyal, faithful partners. Men, we expect them to look outside the relationship.

It can be a shock then when a wife tells her husband she’s interested in opening up the marriage.

We know that a lot of men are cuckold-curious. They’ve fantasized about their girlfriends, fiances, and wives having sex with someone else. We can guess that a lot more men feel this way than would admit it in public, on a survey.

But a lot of guys feel conflict between this “perversion” and the negative emotions it brings out of them. Jealousy, anger, embarrassment, fear, and guilt all come along for the ride.

That makes it risky for HER to bring it up, even if she’s the main one into it. He might not feel the kink himself. If he doesn’t already have the desire, you’re probably not going to convince him. If he thinks you’re a slut — and that doesn’t turn him on — you’re probably going to blow up the relationship.

She’ll probably have to sell it as a threesome or full swinging for both of them to let him get his “fair share” of the sex.

It’s a catch-22. He says he wants a slutty, sexually open wife. But when he gets it, he doesn’t want it.

You know the drill. Sex is emotional and confusing. It doesn’t play by the rules. Cuckolding and hotwifing fantasies wouldn’t exist without the insanity of sexual desire.

If you’re the aspiring hotwife and you want to be his cuckoldress? The same rules apply. Don’t force it. Don’t try to coerce, compel, or convince him. If he’s not down, he’s not down.

What you CAN do is create the images in his mind. Get him horny with porn. Tell him about your favorite scenes, where the girl gets with two or three or six guys. Open up about your fantasies over a glass of wine.

You can plant the seed and water it. It may not grow, but that’s out of your hands.

If he learns to see what’s so arousing, if he learns that he can feed off your sexual excitement — and men do respond to this — you might be well on your way to cucking your husband.

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