When she’s getting ready for him

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Posted by Arabella Blaze

Getting ready for a date with a new somebody always has an edge of thrill and excitement

Even if you’re a kink civilian, there’s that “new guy” tingle.

And, yeah, you’re probably getting laid.

With cuckold/hotwife fantasies, it’s a sure thing. The fuck is the whole point.

For the husbands, the excitement is in the jealousy, angst, and even the feelings of shame, humiliation, and envy.

Another guy’s going to be all up in your wife’s pussy…

And you couldn’t be more aroused.

No wonder he’s excited watching her get ready.

She’s pulling out the fuck-me outfit… the heels… the sexy lingerie you bought her that she never wears for you

He’s not just getting her T&A. He’s getting real effort.

Why not? She’s going to be nervous, anxious, and thrilled too. She gets to hook up with a guy that tickled her emotions and made her throb between her legs.

Just like when you first met.

Right now, she’s just getting ready. It could be for anything.

But you both know she’s going to get her brains fucked out.

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