When you tell her all the benefits of a hotwife lifestyle

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Posted by Arabella Blaze

Unless it’s her idea, she’s going to be super-skeptical about your fantasy.

Not because she hates sex. Sex is probably the last reason that she’ll tell you “no” when you tell her you’d love it if she fucked another man.

There’s a lot of emotional and social baggage in the way.

And to make it worse, explaining the logical benefits of the lifestyle won’t get you too far, if you’re a frustrated cuck husband trying to bring her around to your way of getting off.

All that said, you might be surprised at these little-known benefits of opening up your marriage for her.

Here’s 3 counter-intuitive ways that a hotwife or cuckold relationship can improve life for women:

Increasing her body-awareness & “pleasure connection”.
Men don’t have to wonder if they’re sexually aroused. He’s either got a hard-on or not.

You might have noticed that women don’t have the same gear down there. She doesn’t have that strong connection between her sexual feelings and what her body’s doing.

Experiments into female libido have shown that her body can “get ready” for intercourse even if she has no feeling of being turned on. And it happens the other way, too… she can feel sexual desire without being “ready” in her body.

Which means that most of her arousal happens in her own mind.

But here’s a surprising thing. She can train that “mind body connection” with practice. Most women just… don’t. They don’t feel aroused and assume that’s the end of the story.

No wonder we have so many stories of women who never orgasm, couples who feel trapped in sexless marriages…

But opening up your marriage involves a lot of that mental role-play, if you’re doing it as a couple exploring together (which I HIGHLY recommend).

The bonus side-effect is that she comes to know more about what turns her on, when and how she gets aroused, what really gets her going (and what doesn’t).

Preparing for a hotwife lifestyle is like a “mental boot camp” for her sexual feelings and body awareness.

No wonder so many hotwives report a stronger, deeper, and more satisfying sexual experience.

Body image and confidence.
A LOT of women have confidence issues about their appearance. Like, almost all of them.

This is the #1 reason I hear from my female readers for their hesitation, no doubt about it. Easily 90/100 women that I speak to tell me that she would consider her husband’s desire if only she felt better about her body.

It’s kind of a chicken and egg problem. She needs to feel good in order to experience satisfying sex… but she won’t let herself feel satisfying sex because she doesn’t feel good.

By now it won’t surprise you to learn that hotwives report an improved sense of confidence and a positive self-image.

The catch is that these hotwives put in the effort.

They tend to work out more, be more conscious of what they eat, and have an open-minded attitude toward their bodies and sex.

Yeah, it’s true: self-confidence and body image can also be trained.

And hotwifing — when she’s deliberately putting herself out there on the market to date — is a powerful motivation to take those steps into self improvement.

You probably never thought that fucking other men would have a positive effect on your outlook toward life, right?

Why wouldn’t it? As I keep writing here, monogamous couples get complacent. Husband and wife both.

Hotwifing puts both of you back on your top game…

More… and better… sex with each other.
Having a cuckold relationship doesn’t always work like this… some men don’t want, or can’t have, more sex, for a variety of reasons.

Couples on the “hotwife” end of the spectrum, though, often report that the sexual liberation and open communication about sex between them boosts their sex drive.

It’s like they’re dating all over again… and they come to feed off of each other’s excitement.

She’s feeding off the attention of the men she’s hooking up with…

He’s now in a position where he can’t assume he’s got the pussy locked down, so he’s got to compete for sexual access…

Which feeds into her sexual desire…

Which makes him even more hot for her because she’s giving off sexual energy…

And it escalates from there.

It’s not unheard of for a couple to go from boring sex once a month… to three, four, or even five days a week of passionate sex.

Not a bad deal… especially if the alternative is suffering a dead bedroom or worse.

It’s good to know all this stuff, because you can be sure that most civilians, with vanilla sexual tastes, wouldn’t think of it. All they see is a cheating adulteress and a cuckold loser.

But for these couples that have open minds… and truly want to explore their bodies and pleasures with each other… it’s hard to argue with the results.

The trick is how aspiring cuckolds can use this knowledge to sell her on your kinky idea… and that’s a very different matter…

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