Why cuckolds should get their wife’s friends in bed

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Posted by Arabella Blaze

Stag husbands and cuckolds aren’t famous for wanting the FFM threesome with two chicks.

With a cuckold/hotwife kink, he’s more interested in seeing her, or hearing about her, getting sexually pleased by other guys.

That doesn’t mean you should forget about bringing other women into your sex life.

You just won’t be trying to get into their pants.

Here’s why.

While men often have a hard time understanding women’s motivations, that’s not true for her friends.

Her friends know how to talk to her in her own language.

There’s a level of honesty, trust, and openness between women that she may not be comfortable bringing up with the man in her life.

And if her friends know that you want her to hook up with other guys, because you think that’s kinky and sexy AF?

You’ve got a friend on her team who is working for you.

Her girlfriends are the gate keepers. They’ll cockblock almost any guy they don’t like.

But a girlfriend that wants to get her pal laid? She’s going to make sure that happens.

You may not have much luck talking her into it yourself as her cuck husband.

You can probably relate to that headache. She might play along here and there, but she’d “never” do it. That’s what she has to tell you, her husband or boyfriend.

But if her friends know you’re down for sharing her, and if they’re on board with your dirty-minded plans?

She’s got the opportunity to open up about what she really wants. She’s going to hear it from a source she trusts.

Her friends have a way of persuading her that the man in her life never could. The honesty and trust of friendship makes it easier to get the message across.

If you’re a cuck husband or want to be, then don’t fight the battle of the sexes. Get her friends in on your fantasy and use it to your advantage.

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