Why would any woman like cuckolding?

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Posted by Arabella Blaze

Not many women are “into” cuckold fantasies.

At least, not on the surface.

Many lusting husbands find this out the hard way, when they discover that they are into cuckold fantasies… muster up the courage to tell her… and get shot down.

“I’m not doing that.”

The question is, why not?

From the male POV, nothing could be more desirable.

She gets to have sex with the men of her choosing, with no strings attached. Her loving husband stays home, committed, loyal, and asking for nothing in return.

It seems perfect. Too good to be true.

For many ladies, it IS too good to be true. She suspects an ulterior motive. Because there’s no way he could be sincere, right? Men are jealous and possessive and dominant…

Since she resists, you end up with a married man almost begging his wife to fool around on him!

We live in wild and very sexy times.

But the question is real.

Why would a woman like cuckolding?

Female sex drive isn’t quite like the male version. Which is why we have all these funny mix-ups. She may like, love, crave sex… but she won’t necessarily want to be promiscuous about who she has it with.

She can be, in the right circumstances, there’s no doubt about that. Women do not have any “moral high ground” when it comes to faithfulness.

But when she’s in a committed relationship, it’s different. There’s emotional issues. There’s her reputation and standing in the community (nobody reviles and envies a “slut” more than another woman…) There’s the logistics of meeting, vetting, and dating another guy.

And then there’s the simple fact that women don’t like simps.

If her husband’s cuckold fantasy turns him into a submissive, whiner, or “beta loser”, she might well lose her sexual interest in him. She might end up having that affair, but it won’t be on his account…

With all of that in mind, following up on yesterday’s Why would any man like cuckolding?, I offer you the advantages of a cuckold relationship for women.

She gets to fuck a lot of attractive men!

Yeah, let’s start out with the obvious.

No matter what she says… if she had a “perfect hall pass” which allowed her to fuck the men who caught her eye, with no consequences, no chance of catching something or getting pregnant, and nobody would ever find out…

Almost any woman would.

The obstacle is NOT about sex.

Even women who report low libidos in long-term relationships can — magically — rediscover the lust in their loins when a new man smites her.

The catch is, it can be hard to get your “kink virgin” wife to open up about this. Not only that, her interest in such things might peak around ovulation and crash later in the month. Timing matters, boys.

If she can visualize your cuckold fantasy as that “perfect hall pass”, as close as you can make it, she’s much more likely to see the advantages.

Cuckold couples have better sex together

These advantages work both ways.

She gets sex from other men who may excite her and sexually satisfy her in ways hubby can’t.

But, intriguingly, her sexual affairs might make their marital sex more fun, exciting, and satisfying.

This probably has a lot to do with sperm competition in men. He feels intense sexual feelings when he even suspects she’s had sex with another man, which lead him to desire her and pay attention to her.

It’s like dating all over again… when she’s sexual with other men, it “resets” the hormones that cause those love-tingles when you first get together.

Not only does she get to have great sex with other men… but she gets to have better sex with her own husband!

Open communication creates emotional connection

For any of this to happen there has to be a lot of openness, communication, and emotional maturity in the cuckold couple.

Affairs that happen when a selfish woman disrespects her partner and their relationship don’t count.

Some cucks might be so lost in their negative self-image that they want this, or put up with it, but it’s not right. A “relationship” where he can’t trust her and she doesn’t respect him isn’t a relationship. It’s emotional abuse.

The funny thing is, cuckold couples and hotwives are as far from that as you can get. The kind of honesty you find in these couples is refreshing… even if it does involve pics of his wife penetrated by another man’s dick.

A lot of men would be okay with casual sex, if it was just sex and only sex.

The problem with affairs is that they’re never just about the sex. They’re about disrespect, lack of trust, and disregard for the other partner.

A couple that explores her sexuality with other men, willingly and voluntarily, isn’t crossing those lines.

If anything, they have to be even closer to one another. Which is cute and intimate, not to mention super-sexy.

No wonder these guys have better sex than most monogamous couples!

She gets to have her cuck and eat him too…

Many women discover that their transformation into a hotwife is liberating even outside the bedroom.

When her husband asks her to cuckold him, he’s not only talking about sex.

He’s also asking for her to take a dominant role in their sex life.

In some cases, he’s asking for her lover or “bull” to take that dominant role over both of them.

Either way, cuckold & hotwife fantasies give HER the power.

She can act on her fantasies… and decide which of hubby’s fantasies can happen (or not).

Many men crave the submissive pole of the sexual partnership… and many women discover a hidden “domme” side. She finds that the dominant status is at least as enjoyable as the physical sex.

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