Wife gets pregnant with a lover’s baby and hubby gets aroused

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Posted by Arabella Blaze

Most men would blow a gasket if their woman got knocked up by a side piece.

This can ruin marriages and shatter lives.

Then there’s the cucks that dream of their wives impregnated by another guy.

It’s complicated, that’s for sure.

Pregnancy is a confusing time for women. Lots of hormones, lots of emotions.

For a man it’s tough to expect a new baby. It’s got to be weird when it’s not his.

But then, this happens all the time outside of cuckold relationships, and even without infidelity.

Lots of guys will wife up a pregnant chick if the father’s no longer in the picture. Step-fathers all over the place.

Cucks just show a lot more patience and acceptance than most guys would.

We already know the men with the cuckold fantasy have found a way to “hack” nature’s own paternity circuits.

Doesn’t hurt that pregnant women often “swell up” in all the right spots… and the hormones can send her sex-drive into orbit.

Yeah, pregnancy is supposed to be a special time for parents-to-be. Doesn’t mean we have to lie about the sexual side of it.

A pregnant woman who got that way with another guy can tickle a cuckold’s kinky brain like few other things can.

Not only is she fertile and available for sex (she wouldn’t be pregnant otherwise)… she’s also done it.

A pregnant woman’s body is a “sign from nature”.

Combine that will all the emotional and sexual feelings that come up for her, and for a cuckold husband, and you’ve got a “sexual explosion” waiting to happen.

No wonder some of these guys start to plan for it.

I don’t advise it, cuck. You’re asking for a world of real pain, and not just for you.

There are reasons you might want it beyond the kink, though. If you’re having fertility problems, for example.

If you’re looking for a sperm donor anyway, might as well do it as nature intended, right? 😉

Then there’s the women that cheat and get knocked up and they decide to keep the baby. Not exactly a life-goal for couples, but if it’s happened… and hubby finds that his dick’s twitching at the idea… it could be better than the alternatives.

Whatever happens, it can be ultra-powerful when her tits are swollen and she’s got that “pregnant glow”… not to mention the boosted sexual appetite that many women report in the later months.

A horny pregnant woman plus a cuckold’s taboo kink can send your sex life off the charts.

If you’re only into it for the kink, I’d recommend you leave it to jerkoff time or foreplay. But it can be super-hot play for both of you.

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