You have to keep the intimate connection

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Posted by Arabella Blaze

Cuckold Couple

Where do you draw the line with pussy denial?

Chastity play? Femdom lifestyles?

How do you have a real, loving, caring, emotional, romantic relationship if you aren’t having actual PIV sex?

Cuckolding, hotwife marriages, and all kinds of stag & vixen (S/V) play are really about the primary couple.

You’re breaking the bonds of a sexually monogamous relationship so that both of you get more sexual satisfaction.

Together. As a couple.

The fantasies walk a fine line between destruction and commitment.

How can you stay together as a couple by doing things that break you apart as a couple?

That tension is the heart of the fantasy for many men. He wants to experience that thrill of cheating, and have her come back to him.

She may enjoy the energy she receives from a new lower, while she craves the stability of her romantic partner.

It’s a push followed by a pull.

If she’s always fucking another guy and never her husband, is he really her husband?

You’ve got to pull together after that push apart.

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