“You really want me to sleep with him?”

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Posted by Arabella Blaze

That’s the kind of thing she might say when she’s curious.

It also means she’s unsure and looking for reassurance from you.

Are you really going to be okay if she does it?

You aren’t going to lose your shit and turn into a jealous psycho after it happens?

Can you handle another man enjoying her body like you enjoy it?

She’s going to have sex with him, you know. That’s your wife, your girlfriend. Your woman… and he’s going to see her naked. Touch her. Have her body to himself. Penetrate her. She might even climax with him.

She could even get pregnant. It’s a small risk. She wouldn’t have sex outside your relationship without using birth control, right? But it’s still possible. Any time a dick goes into a pussy, it’s a possibility. Are you okay with that?

She wants to know for sure. She might want to do it, but she’s also thinking about the consequences. What if he says he’s okay with it and then he’s… not?

You can’t be like that with her if you want this to happen, cuck.

You had better make sure that you are rock-solid. Committed.

Because if you aren’t… she’s going to see right through you. Women are good like that.

When she asks if you really want her to do it, she’s not really asking for permission. She’s looking to see if you’re sure.

Once she’s given herself to that guy, there’s no take-backs. She can’t “unfuck” him.

If you’re in this situation, you wouldn’t have it any other way. You want her to go to his bed, get naked for him, and fuck him. For your enjoyment, yours together.

But you’ve got to want that, really want it. Otherwise, it won’t happen. (Not the way you’re imagining.)

If she’s already halfway there, your job is to carry her over the finish line.

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