You want me to cuckold you and get pregnant with his baby?

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Posted by Arabella Blaze

A cuckold fantasy is about sharing your hotwife’s most intimate life with another man

It doesn’t get more intimate than having his baby.

It sounds insane. Why would a committed couple want another man to impregnate her?

For most, it’s just the fantasy that does the work.

The risk of bareback sex is also the thrill. When a bull creampies your wife, that consequence is on everybody’s mind.

Even if she’s on BC and there’s little risk of pregnancy, your brain can’t tell the difference. All it knows is that she’s full of somebody else’s swimmers.

And honestly, if men and women can eroticize infidelity, they can make almost anything sexy. Even impregnation. Even a false paternity test.

It’s down to hard biology. A woman who’s ready and willing to get knocked up is advertising her fertility and her sexual availability.

When that happens during cuckold play-time, it’s adding more spice to an already hot dish.

You can’t get denied pussy any harder than this. Her boyfriend’s got her womb locked up for the next 9 months. Even if you’re allowed to cum in her while she’s pregnant, you’ve lost the race, cuckold.

That spicy dish might be enough to burn your mouth. If she really did get pregnant from a lover, you’d have a hard road ahead of you.

There might be the occasional couple out there who discover they cannot conceive and ask a friendly bull to contribute “the natural way”. Who knows how common this is? But it might be one of few occasions where a cuckold fetish lines up with a real need.

Outside of that, you probably don’t really want her to get pregnant by another guy.

It might be hot to get those pics of her with a creampie dripping out of her panties… or that meme where she’s asking her husband if it’s okay that her bull wants her to stop the pill.

Sexy stuff, no doubt. But be careful what you wish for, cuck. Fantasy can turn into nightmare in heartbeat.

You’re still excited by your sexy wife getting pregnant by him, aren’t you? Naughty cuck.

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