You warm her up while he gets the main course

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Posted by Arabella Blaze

There’s a real thin line between an MFM threesome and a cuckold/hotwife encounter.

A lot of hotwife hookups start out as a three-way with another guy.

Why not? It’s an easy way to break the ice, get everyone relaxed, let her experience another guy.

Once two guys are pleasuring her, it’s only one step to that cuckolding scenario that hubby wants to see.

Let the other guy get between her legs and go inside her while her husband steps back and watches him fuck her.

It’s natural and easy.

You can play with the MFM threesome in different ways, too.

Maybe hubby is in charge of warming her up with a slow make-out session… stripping her naked… licking her pussy to get her ready for sex…

And then your third gets to have PIV intercourse with her.

If you’re only starting to explore, you might do that in reverse. Let your new partner “get to third base” but leave the act of penetration to hubby.

It’s really down to how much involvement each man gets. Is your husband mostly passive, watching with only a little touching? Or is your third only there to “lend a hand”?

Suggesting a three-way is also a low-stress way to bring up your cuckold fantasy to your gf or wife if you’re looking for a way in.

Tell her that you’ve always fantasized about a threesome. She might say “I don’t want to bring in another girl”. If she says that, then you ask her, “what about another guy? I think that would be hot too.”

She might agree, she might not, but either way you’ve planted the seed… if she’s not a total prude, she will be at least a little intrigued by the idea. It’s up to you to nurture it, slowly and patiently.

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