Your cuckold husband wants to hear about the little details

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Posted by Arabella Blaze

It’s easy to show a video of Triple X action with a lover.

Thing is, that porn tape could be anybody.

If you don’t have the context, it’s just porn. Swinging dick in vagina. Sexy, I guess, but it’s just a fuck. Seen one, you’ve seen them all.

The fuck isn’t what gets a cuck’s heart racing and fires burning.

It’s the context that sets him off.

Knowing that this is his wife, not some random porn-starlet he’s never met and has no attachment to.

That’s his wife acting like a dirty slut with someone else.

The fuck is important. So is how they get there.

So are the little details.

Watching a rock-hard cock that doesn’t belong to him, hovering over a well-lubed pussy that he knows all too well.

Seeing that first moment as the tip enters her soft moist folds. Just like you’ve gone in her many times before… but not today.

The look on her face as she twists in the pleasure of him inside her. She never makes that face with you.

That’s what he wants to see.

Don’t just show him the PIV action.

Tell him a story about how your new boyfriend seduced you… aroused you… took you in a passion that your husband never could.

That’s how you satisfy his cuckold fantasy.

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