Your hotwife’s going to the beach

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Posted by Arabella Blaze

She’s spent the last year at the gym getting into prime condition.

You both knew what was going to happen when you got to island paradise, didn’t you?

She knows that you’ve dreamed about her being with another man (even if you don’t get to watch).

It used to turn her off. Now she’s realized how sexy it is.

She has a husband who loves and supports her.

She’s excited by the attention she gets from other men.

So is he!

When you planned the vacation, you didn’t come out and say it.

He’s been checking her out in that bikini. It’s not like she didn’t notice.

He’s been thinking about how she’ll look on the bed with that bikini in a pile on the floor.

That gets him excited. She feeds on his excitement.

For couples at the right place in life, spicing up the bedroom by letting her “cheat” is a sure-fire way to rekindle their own sexual passions.

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