Your role as cuckold to your dark mistress

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Posted by Arabella Blaze

They say that there’s dark spirits at work this time of year.

Nice girls ‘magically transform’ into mischievous black-clad witches, taking control of men and mind-fucking them. And maybe even more than that…

Cuckolding and BDSM share a lot of overlap. Not precisely… but they have a lot in common.

Cuckolds get off on the shame, humiliation, and submission to their wives. Even “stag” males, who are more into sharing for the joy and excitement of her sex life, dip their does into the waters of teasing and denial.

It’s not literal bondage… well maybe… but the frustration and insecurity and doubts about being able to fuck his own wife, while she’s in a sexual relationship with another man or men, may as well be. It’s a form of soft “mental torture”.

That dominance play, putting him at her feet as a sub, is where he’s really getting off.

When she takes control. Tells him when he’s allowed the pussy. Commands his orgasms. Has sex with her bulls on her own schedule, and arranges cuck’s sex life around that.

Like an enchantress casting a spell over his cock. She’s in total control. And that brings out the lust in a man like few other things.

She’s his and he can’t have her… that’s the blackest black magic, isn’t it, cuck?

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