Your vacation is the best time to try your hotwife fantasy

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Posted by Arabella Blaze

Hanging out by the pool, drink in hand, not a worry on her mind.


That hunky guy who’s been eyeing her up. She’s not innocent in this. She knows he’s checking her out.

It kinda turns her on…

But that’s what you planned for isn’t it?

You told her all about your desire to be a cuckold.

How you dream about her hooking up with other men.

She knows, too… but she’s got reservations.

What if people find out? What if it gets back to the family? The boss? The preacher?

People talk… and they love talking about nothing more than who is fucking who. Especially if she’s a married woman.

She might be excited by your proposal and completely unable to go through with it for that reason.

But on vacation?

You don’t know anybody there. You’ll never see them again.

What happens there stays there.

So maybe her inhibitions drop.

She’s relaxed. She’s able to take her mind off all the stress.

And then there’s that guy. He’s kinda cute. He’s checking her out.

He might end up in your bedroom later.

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