Your wife found a more lucrative “side business” than real estate

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Posted by Arabella Blaze

Your wife got into real estate to start a new career. She discovered that her wealthy clients wanted more than houses.

She refuses to call herself an escort, much less the p-word.

But facts are facts, right?

She said she felt dirty after the good-looking property investor propositioned her that time.

You both realize now that she was just talking, don’t you? She said what she was expected to say.

And you didn’t give her an out, did you? Dirty-minded husband. You’re supposed to be jealous, tell her “no way”, threaten to give that guy a bloody nose.

Instead, you teased her. Practically dared her to do it. Hell, you could use that money.

She got mad then. She promised that she was going to do it just to make you deal with it.

Next time the guy asked, she didn’t say no.

She didn’t send you any pictures. And it’s not like you could watch. It’s a business deal, not your personal hotwife porn.

Even if you are sharing your wife’s pussy with the guy.

All you know is that she went to work that day with a conservative blouse… and that short black mini-skirt, the one that shows off her ass and those legs.

She came home that day $3000 richer.

After that there was no stopping her. She still sells houses, but that’s mostly a cover for the real work.

You don’t get to bang her as much as you used to. She’s saving sex for the paying customers.

But at least now she knows that you like hearing about her “work day”. She doesn’t mind whispering raunchy, depraved words in your ear while she givs you a slow handjob.

You’re happier this way, aren’t you?

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