Your wife’s almost naked in his hotel room

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Posted by Arabella Blaze

Her body looks amazing and sensual in that lingerie you bought for her date

Who ever thought that telling your wife to stay the night with another man could be so exciting?

I’m the first one to tell you: cuckolding & hotwifing are not for everyone.

Not all men will be into it. Not every woman is lusting for sex with other men. Some couples won’t make it work.

But if you feel it…

You know there’s nothing else like it.

For the right couples, a hotwife relationship is about THEIR relationship. The two of them, husband and wife. Their sex life together.

Yes, they’re bringing in a third person (or more) for the wife to play with.

But it’s for the two of them to enjoy.

My ideal “cuckold marriage” is when the two partners get off on each other’s intensity.

He gets aroused as she fools around with guys. She senses this and finds her own sexual energies growing and opening up. Which only excites him even more…

When you reach the right space, together, it’s almost not even about the “slutty cheating sex”. It’s about finding the energy that excites both of you, leads you to satisfying sexual experiences.

It’s weird, sure, if you ask most people. But… why do you care what they think?

Haven’t we made it clear that sex between consenting adults isn’t the business of anyone else?

Wives, own your sluttiness. Husbands, enjoy your cuckold fetish.

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