Your wife’s hot past

When you find out she did dirty things before the two of you met, that can be sexy.

She had a threesome in college.

She cheated on an old boyfriend.

She had sex with her boss to get a raise.

Her ex was twice as big as you and made her climax from penetration (You’ve never been able to do that, have you?)

She used to make porn.

She was a “hotwife” for her ex-boyfriend. But she’s happy with you now.

Even if you aren’t playing the stag/vixen game right now — or even if you aren’t sure you ever want to — you can still enjoy your cuckolding kink by talking about the things she’s done before.

This bothers a lot of men. Not you. You? You’re turned on by it.

Your faithful good-girl wouldn’t dare do anything like that… now. And that excites you.

A wife with a hot past can be what you need to tickle that non-monogamous itch without putting your relationship on the line with real extra-marital sex.

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